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Own Production

Darusya ™ - a trademark of the company, which has its own production of baby products and children's furniture.


We are always ready to discuss with you the private and general questions on the production and sale of goods.

Our Shop

The store is created for you, in which you can buy or order any goods from the range presented. You are always welcome.

Our Gallery

A look at all our projects and products in one place. You can rate every picture and the product itself.

Latest News

  • Tables and chairs Darusya™

    An important element in every child's room is a table and chair. These are pieces of furniture, for which your child will spend much of Read More
  • Children's costumes

    Playing with the child in the game can contribute to the development of his personal qualities, to adapt it to society and help to feel Read More
  • How it all began

    The idea of ​​creating the first suit, or how it all began How did our first development?My daughter just learned to eat on their own, Read More
  • Ideas suggest our children

    Ideas for creating game suits us suggest our children. Friends asked to sew a child in kindergarten hat as a doctor. It was found that Read More
  • The idea of creating children's furniture

    The idea of ​​creating children's furniture - the best furniture for our children. On the day my daughter was born, we decided to give her her Read More
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Useful tips

  • Praise the child +

    All are equally good obedient children, but every child is a heavy heavy in their own way. A Read More
  • Emotions in children. Search understanding +

    The emotional development of a child, a complex and sometimes inexplicable process, but the greatest impact on the Read More
  • Table of clothing sizes +

    Tables of sizes. The size of clothing for the child is determined by his height and age. The Read More
  • Child's play - it's theater +

    The development of the child of preschool age is dependent on training, assimilation of acquired knowledge and skills Read More
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